Koen Langendoen

Koen Langendoen (1965) was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

He received a Ph.D. in computer science from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in 1993. Subsequently, he worked as a post-doctorate researcher at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (1993-1997) and Delft University of Technology (1998-2000) before joining Delft as a member of academic staff in 2001. Since 2008 Koen Langendoen is affiliated as full professor of computer science with Delft University of Technology. He holds the chair on Embedded Systems consisting of five faculty and numerous PhD and MSc students.

Prof. Langendoen has rich experience and an excellent track record in systems research, in particular, wireless networking protocols. He has participated as principal and co-principal investigator in numerous national (Dutch) and EU research projects, including D2S2, COMMIT, RELATE, WISEBED, CONET, and RELYonIT. Prof. Langendoen shares his expertise with industry through his affiliation with TNO ESI (1 day/week), and by giving seminars and master classes at companies like Alten, CapGemini, and Nyenrode Business School.

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